Review: Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote Sen

Densha de GO! has always been as encouraging as it is exacting, and if anything this latest game in the series (also available on PlayStation 4) is even more so, making a real effort right from the start of its colourful intro to feel welcoming and accessible regardless of any feigned disinterest in the subject … Continue reading Review: Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote Sen

Good things come in red packages

If there's one thing I love, it's a good side-scrolling beat 'em up - and Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons is exactly that. Released by Taiwanese publisher/developer IGS in 2001 for their cart-based "PGM" arcade hardware (also used for none other than Cave's DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, Ketsui, and Espgaluda, albeit reworked into a single PCB rather than … Continue reading Good things come in red packages

The mystic far east – powered up!

The "VM" in VM Japan stands for Vantage Master, a very short and sporadic run of tactical fantasy games by Falcom beginning in 1997 with the predictably titled Vantage Master and (currently) ending with Vantage Master Portable for the PSP just over a decade later (this title was eventually ported back to PC via an official Chinese licensee). VM Japan … Continue reading The mystic far east – powered up!

Better late than never

I've loved Mad Stalker from the moment I stumbled upon the X68000 original while browsing Project EGG's wonderful selection of games, and snapping up the otherwise unpalatably expensive PlayStation remake through Japan's PlayStation Store for about the price of a large coffee only made me adore the game even more (do grab that digital offering … Continue reading Better late than never