That awkward middle bit

After Volume 3's unexpected but not unwelcome pair of stories Eldorado Gate's back with another three scenario disc, with three new characters for our ever-expanding team to go with it - Mimi, Mamma, and Gigi. Again the manual implores newcomers to treat the stories contained within as standalone adventures (and read the updated on-disc encyclopaedia when they've … Continue reading That awkward middle bit

Night has fallen and the Foul are abroad!

The Lords of Midnight's manual opens with what ordinarily would be described as some self-important trumpet blowing: "Welcome to the World's first-ever Epic game..." it boldly declares, weary 21st Century eyes reflexively performing a well-practised roll at the sight of such easily ignored waffle. The thing is, between the game's advanced age (at the time … Continue reading Night has fallen and the Foul are abroad!

Right round like a helerin, baby

Eighting's singularly spinny series started life as the eye-catchingly unusual launch GBA game Kuru Kuru Kururin (Japan/EU only), followed up the year after with another exclusive for Nintendo's not-SNES handheld, Kururin Paradise (Japan only, this time). Kururin Squash! whirled into existence in 2004, the first console entry in the series and to date the final Kururin for anything at all, outside … Continue reading Right round like a helerin, baby

Episode V: Roots of “Diabolic Embryo”

This supposed fifth episode in the "Nameless Brave Saga" is, like so many other games with decorative subtitles, actually the first entry in a PC exclusive SRPG trilogy by Chrome Six (as far as I can tell they made these games and nothing else). At a glance Angelic Vale looks like yet another game straight out of the … Continue reading Episode V: Roots of “Diabolic Embryo”

There’s only one Original

Sorcerian Original is the Windows 98/95 compatible remake of the... well, the original Sorcerian, a game first released on the PC-88 back in 1987. As remakes go Original's a fascinating case of the very old meeting what was at one point in time the very new. The graphics for example have been completely overhauled, many environments now boasting … Continue reading There’s only one Original