The Mother of all fishing games

I love Sega Bass Fishing. That little Dreamcast game is everything other virtual fishing experiences are not. It's exciting for starters; its arcade roots allowing users to get straight to the best part of the whole soggy affair - teasing a hungry fish with your specially selected lure before hooking and then frantically reeling them … Continue reading The Mother of all fishing games

My Dragon Quest X Diary: Part 01

In its original form Dragon Quest X remains online only and exclusive to Japan (the upcoming offline version is an entirely separate and heavily reworked entity), although it's a little easier to get into these days thanks to a Final Fantasy XIV-style relaxation on its entry requirements: Anyone living in Japan (or pretending to be) … Continue reading My Dragon Quest X Diary: Part 01

Never judge a game by its cover

If the screenshots of Gravity's Korean-born PC RPG shown below look familiar it's probably because you've spent some happy time with their best-known work, the phenomenally successful MMO Ragnarok Online. The same standard of spriting excellence found in their long-running online game is found in equal measure in this single player title, Arcturus' art remaining as much … Continue reading Never judge a game by its cover