This is something a little different – and something I hope you’ll enjoy!

Far too many years ago now I came up with a daft idea: Spacecops vs Dinosaurs. It was just something that popped into my head after too much time spent watching cartoons.

The trouble was the idea stuck.

And grew.

And grew…

And I wanted to do something with it.

A visual novel came to mind – cartoons are big, bold, colourful, things after all – but I soon ran into a big problem.

I can’t draw – not well enough for the images to match what I was imagining, anyway.

And as nice as it would be to imagine I would spend years working away at this or I could afford to hire someone to handle all that, I thought it would be more sensible to work on something I could actually finish.

Which is where the browser-based interactive fiction linked to below comes in.

It started out as a script – I wanted to make sure I had the tone and pacing of an old cartoon, so I found a few official examples online and noted the directions/dialogue length – and then it just kept on going.

I put it down a few times – I’m a bit too old to be writing pretend cartoons with dinosaurs in them, aren’t I? – but then something magical happened.

One of the characters – my characters – did something all by themselves. Something I didn’t know they were going to do.

And that was AMAZING.

Even then I kept putting it off, afraid I’d mess it up or was perhaps sharing something weirdly personal.

And yet here we are.

Please consider ‘Spacecops vs Dinosaurs Episode 1: Speedy Robbery! Let’s Protect The Museum!’ the novelisation of the cartoon I imagined forever ago, with a few Choose Your Own Adventure branches added for fun.

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