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Purpose: This is a personal blog where I tend to talk about whatever game I’ve been playing recently, something to do with whatever game I’ve been playing recently, and on occasion random game-related thoughts. Only posts titled “Review: [Game Name]” are reviews, everything else is going to be some form of opinion piece, retrospective, guide, or a detailed breakdown of one particular mechanic or moment… anything but a review. Reviews are subjective personal opinions formed during my time with the game in question and not an infallible final judgement on any title old or new. Content generally leans towards the old and the weird but that’s just down to my interests naturally gravitating towards that sort of thing than a hard and fast rule. I can do cool and modern too! It just doesn’t happen very often over here.

A reminder: Unless expressly noted otherwise all of the content on this site, including text, research, screenshots, photographs, and everything else you see has been created and/or captured by myself. Beyond the realms of a reasonable “Hey, look at this!” snippet – with proper credit and a link to the original article included in the same body of text, post, tweet, etc – you may not take anything from here without my express permission. Far from being a victimless crime – any potential thieves are, after all, only duplicating work rather than removing the source – plagiarism and content theft divert attention away from the person who went to all that effort in the first place and actively discourage them from pursuing further original work and research.

This has happened. This does happen. And yes, this will keep on happening right up to the point the last creator packs it all in and the internet is left screaming “You have all this stuff I want to see, why won’t you share it?!” to itself.

(This reminder is brought to you by “Seeing a friend’s hard work stolen -again-” and “That feeling when you find your work reposted wholesale without a link on a forum somewhere”)