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Purpose: This is a personal site where I tend to talk about whatever game I’ve been playing recently, something to do with whatever game I’ve been playing recently, and on occasion tangential game-related thoughts. Only posts titled “Review: [Game Name]” are reviews, everything else is some form of opinion piece, retrospective, guide, or a detailed breakdown of one particular mechanic or moment… anything but a review. Reviews are subjective personal opinions formed during my time with the game in question and not an infallible final judgement on any title old or new. Content generally leans towards the old and the weird; partly because my personal interests tend to lean that way, partly because buying new games at full price on release and then dropping everything to review them while they’re the hot thing for the next 48hrs is, relatively speaking, a far more expensive way of working than paying £40 for a strange SNES cart that’d cost £80 to buy the year after I can write about whenever it best suits all of us.

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