Samus’ spooky adventures on SR388

The 3DS remake was... fine, I suppose, and the fan remake swiftly shut down by Nintendo's ever-vigilant lawyers was nothing short of fantastic, but what about the real Metroid II, the original monochrome Game Boy game? It doesn't have the historical significance of the NES classic that started it all, and neither is it as lush or eternally popular … Continue reading Samus’ spooky adventures on SR388

Hoping for better futures

Sunsoft's Dead Zone makes an excellent first impression, cleverly reusing your chosen save file name in the cast list displayed shortly before the game begins, with you naturally playing the hero, Kirk. What's especially brilliant about this is seeing everyone else played by "HVC-022" - that's the Famicom Disk System's product number. This thoughtful little detail is … Continue reading Hoping for better futures

The mobile police at home

The Super Famicom's rather plainly titled Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor game, um, Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor (from the same development team later responsible for the Saturn's Gundam Side Story trilogy) defies neat description. Much like the source material it's a game filled with enormous mechs more than capable of punching each other to bits yet fighting isn't always the answer, a game … Continue reading The mobile police at home

Students, statistics, and bloodthirsty beasts

In 1945 a mysterious black moon appeared in the sky and waves of mythical beasts - goblins, gorgons, naga, and worse - began to roam the land, their only goal to kill, without malice or anger, every human they could before they expired. It's now 1999. Humans have been erased from entire continents and the situation is … Continue reading Students, statistics, and bloodthirsty beasts