Konami’s second go at first love

Tokimeki Memorial 2 is a lavish PlayStation exclusive experience, one where every event and cutscene has been crafted to the highest standards using vast quantities of spoken dialogue and premium quality artwork - no wonder it spans a frankly absurd five CDs. That's more than any of Squaresoft's chart-topping RPGs released around the same time, and … Continue reading Konami’s second go at first love

Kimimi’s Social Rehabilitation: Part 2

I was determined after the accidental skeleton-rattling therapy session that was my time with Tokimeki Memorial: Girls Side Premium Third Story this time around my Konami dating experience was just going to be fun - not a resounding success of perfectly picked perks and a queue of loved-up girls waiting outside my classroom door, nor … Continue reading Kimimi’s Social Rehabilitation: Part 2

Back to school: An unexpected lesson at Habataki High

  [CONTENT WARNING: Brief mentions of domestic/emotional abuse] Scary games? Pfft.┬áDrop me in a room filled with virtual zombies, giant crabs, or aberrations that have clawed their way up from the depths of Hell itself and I'll have that place cleared out faster than you can say "Actually I prefer the psychological horror found in … Continue reading Back to school: An unexpected lesson at Habataki High