Students, statistics, and bloodthirsty beasts

In 1945 a mysterious black moon appeared in the sky and waves of mythical beasts - goblins, gorgons, naga, and worse - began to roam the land, their only goal to kill, without malice or anger, every human they could before they expired. It's now 1999. Humans have been erased from entire continents and the situation is … Continue reading Students, statistics, and bloodthirsty beasts

Always check the packaging

Should you happen to be someone eager to dive in to Youfu Makai's card battling action, leaving the manual and the rest of the box's content aside for later, you'll definitely come away from your brief time with the game confused and disappointed. The game will crash - garbled screen, BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP music, and all - at the slightest … Continue reading Always check the packaging

The Mother of all fishing games

I love Sega Bass Fishing. That little Dreamcast game is everything other virtual fishing experiences are not. It's exciting for starters; its arcade roots allowing users to get straight to the best part of the whole soggy affair - teasing a hungry fish with your specially selected lure before hooking and then frantically reeling them … Continue reading The Mother of all fishing games

Fillers, coasters, and horse racing

"20 JAPANESE GAMES L@@K RARE IMPORT SEGA NINTENDO RETRO!!" yells the eBay listing, the price suspiciously affordable when weighed up against the bundle's quantity. I bet you already know the sort of "deal" I'm talking about - and you already know to avoid them too. Even without clicking on the imaginary link you can virtually … Continue reading Fillers, coasters, and horse racing