Typing of the Baroque

The straightforwardly titled Baroque Typing debuted in 2002, several years after both the Saturn and PlayStation releases of Baroque as well as the later Baroque Syndrome adventure. My strongest thought before playing this type 'em up for myself was mostly "What on Earth possessed them?". Of all the spinoffs that could naturally arise from the dark and decaying world of Baroque, … Continue reading Typing of the Baroque

Found at sea

Septentrion is so unashamedly eager to ape '70s disaster movie The Poseidon Adventure it doesn't just broadly copy the setting and flow of its memorable inspiration, the game even makes the effort to lead with a movie-like opening sequence and later end with a fake cast roll, complete with legally-distinct actors (such as "Jean Hickman") for every part. … Continue reading Found at sea

Feathered friends in new frontiers

Hataraku Chocobo does something so incredible when you turn it on I'm almost reluctant to talk about it, because when typed out it sounds as if I've resorted to pathetic "My uncle at Nintendo said..." level lies. You see, Squaresoft's game was exclusively designed for and released on Bandai's WonderSwan - the original monochrome WonderSwan, the … Continue reading Feathered friends in new frontiers

It’s all about family

The dad of Bokura no Kazoku's made-up family is sitting cross-legged in a very ordinary living room, making animal-shaped shadows in the light of the TV. He's doing this for his baby's entertainment, woofing with enthusiasm as he moves his hands in a vaguely dog-like manner. His tiny son notices this display, crawls over to the spot … Continue reading It’s all about family