Playing like the floor of a taxi cab

[You'll find plenty of spoilers for all aspects of the recently released Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed below, so please keep that in mind before scrolling any further] I am exactly the sort of person Illfonic were hoping to snag in their preorder net when they made Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed: I am a huge Ghostbusters fan, and I love … Continue reading Playing like the floor of a taxi cab

Online players are real people

Square-Enix recently published a lengthy FAQ outlining in great detail, with collapsible segments and example conversations, the sort of behaviour they deem to be unacceptable in their hugely successful MMO, Final Fantasy XIV. This is in many ways extraordinary in itself, going far beyond the broad and safely acceptable (and largely ignorable and/or under-moderated) rules … Continue reading Online players are real people

My Dragon Quest X Play Diary: Part 02

[A quick note before we begin: Going forward you'll be able to find all of these Dragon Quest X diary posts under the new ~Dragon Quest X Play Diary~ tag] At a bit of a loose end and with my brain turned to mush after writing an unreasonably enormous review on brand new Taiwanese RPG Sword & … Continue reading My Dragon Quest X Play Diary: Part 02

My Dragon Quest X Diary: Part 01

In its original form Dragon Quest X remains online only and exclusive to Japan (the upcoming offline version is an entirely separate and heavily reworked entity), although it's a little easier to get into these days thanks to a Final Fantasy XIV-style relaxation on its entry requirements: Anyone living in Japan (or pretending to be) … Continue reading My Dragon Quest X Diary: Part 01

All the world’s a stage

Everyone expects modern MMOs to have a reliable stream of tie-in events, with Square-Enix's rich, interconnected, and naturally RPG-friendly stable arguably under more pressure than most to mingle its three flagship online games (Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, and Dragon Quest X) with each other, with the wider range of games available under the publisher's extensive … Continue reading All the world’s a stage

The 21st century RPG

Ah, good old Phantasy Star Online. Everyone's played it on one format or another, or dabbled in one of its numerous spinoffs, or spent hours fussing over expensive outfits in the now internationally-available sequel. Been there, done that, evolved a funny-looking Mag and kicked Dark Falz in the chops at the end. But when was the last time any … Continue reading The 21st century RPG


I loathe side quests with a fiery passion. They're the complimentary breadsticks of game design, the freewheeling exercise bike designed to keep you busy going nowhere, the weird no-budget local adverts they play in cinemas before the lights dim and trailers start. They're... they're... They're a waste of bloody time. MMO's - that's your World … Continue reading MMO NPCs are A-OK in FFXI