From the spelltacular to the magically mundane

The pixel art seen throughout Magical Vacation, Brownie Brown's 2001 GBA RPG, is never anything less than utterly stunning. Every location is bathed in comforting pastel colours and brimming with astonishing levels of detail, this art encompassing everything from lush forests to industrialist towers and populated by fluffy dog people, talking puppets, and every other kind of … Continue reading From the spelltacular to the magically mundane

Taking an old series to new depths

At first blush the rigid grid-based dungeon crawling of From Software's 2006 PSP exclusive King's Field Additional I appears to be a drastic departure from the immersive die 'em ups that came before it, this UMD upstart choosing to ditch the freeform exploration of old in favour of a right angled labyrinth and the solitary town above … Continue reading Taking an old series to new depths

A game of two halves

Balancing out the clean colours and comical stylings of Westone's Wonder Boy series is the Super Famicom title Dark Half, a turn-based RPG soaked in sombre colours and painterly artwork. The game's defining feature is its unique "zapping" system, the plot switching back and forth between heroic protagonist Falco and Demon Lord antagonist Rukyu over one in-game week, … Continue reading A game of two halves

Langrisser 2+2

Langrisser IV dared to reshape the remains of the well-intentioned misstep that came before it, cleverly polishing Langrisser III's unpopular albeit inventive rock into the shining gem it always could have been, guiding the series in a thrilling new dire— Oh wait no Langrisser IV is actually trying very, very, hard to be Der Langrisser v1.1. In fact this is so keen … Continue reading Langrisser 2+2


How do you play Wizardry, 1981's hottest RPG, in 2022? "With some difficulty" is the only honest answer, as official access to Sir-Tech's pioneering dungeon crawling adventure is virtually nonexistent. The Ultimate Wizardry Archives for DOS/Windows was as close as the series ever got to a convenient compilation, but that came out so long ago the pack's now … Continue reading WELCOME TO THE WIZARDRY WORLD

Authentically different

Fans of the original Dungeon Master will find Dungeon Master Nexus' opening eerily familiar: Once again you are Theron, a brave young man who can't seem to keep himself alive and corporeal for more than five minutes, once again made to rescue his magically unavailable master Greylord from another huge dungeon of nefarious design using a player-picked selection … Continue reading Authentically different