1UPs for rent

I can remember only three things about Raizing's celebrated/feared arcade shmup Battle Garegga: It's rank-based, which means the difficulty dynamically alters depending on your actions as you play, it's really hard even at the best of times, and counterintuitively to established genre rules you're supposed to  kill yourself off at several points due to the aforementioned rank-related shenanigans and other … Continue reading 1UPs for rent

A PC Engine parody

Originally a 1992 Japanese PC Engine exclusive before being finally gifted to the world in 2008 via the Wii's Virtual Console service (the same year it appeared on the PSP's now painfully expensive Soldier Collection) and again over a decade later as part of the PC Engine/CoreGrafx/TurboGrafx-16 Mini line up, Star Parodier is - yep, you've guessed it … Continue reading A PC Engine parody

A shining Super Star

As someone who was introduced to the PC Engine via a string of Duos and vanilla PC Engines firmly attached to briefcase-like CD attachments (do have a quick look, they're beautiful things) - a world of CD-stored speech, stunning cutscenes, and Nineties anime tie-ins - I always thought HuCards were a bit disappointing. They were the basic … Continue reading A shining Super Star

Review: R-Type Final 2

R-Type tried to say goodbye for the first time eighteen years ago, the PlayStation 2's R-Type Final intended to be one last hurrah for a relic of a bygone age. Two portable Tactics games came and went after that heartfelt farewell, but apart from that little experiment R-Type was considered a closed book. Or so we thought. The crowdfund-supported R-Type Final … Continue reading Review: R-Type Final 2