Review: R-Type Final 2

R-Type tried to say goodbye for the first time eighteen years ago, the PlayStation 2's R-Type Final intended to be one last hurrah for a relic of a bygone age. Two portable Tactics games came and went after that heartfelt farewell, but apart from that little experiment R-Type was considered a closed book. Or so we thought. The crowdfund-supported R-Type Final … Continue reading Review: R-Type Final 2

OF-1 Daedalus, GO!

Another day, another game set in the now scarily not-so-futuristic year of 20XX. Irem's Image Fight made its tate-orientated arcade debut back in 1988 with its first no-TV-tilting-required home counterparts arriving two years later, turning up on everything from the unstoppable NES and the wonderfully dinky PC Engine to the highest high-end Japanese computers of … Continue reading OF-1 Daedalus, GO!

Welcome to the devil’s kaleidoscope

Let's kick this off by dealing with the obvious elephant in the room: It takes nothing more than a quick glance at iS: internal section's sharp lines, flat-shaded polygons, and abstract imagery all beautifully accompanied by a thumping techno soundtrack (courtesy of the incredibly talented Shinji Hosoe and Ayako Saso) and think of just one … Continue reading Welcome to the devil’s kaleidoscope

She’s bouncy! She’s cute! She’ll kill anything that stands in her way!

Micro Cabin's 1989 hit Xak: The Art of Visual Stage is perhaps most politely described as being "heavily inspired by" those early genre-defining Ys-es, with their own brand of blue-haired wandering hero Latok serving as a very capable stand-in for Adol's bright red bonce. Back in those days more than a few games would borrow … Continue reading She’s bouncy! She’s cute! She’ll kill anything that stands in her way!