Langrisser 2+2

Langrisser IV dared to reshape the remains of the well-intentioned misstep that came before it, cleverly polishing Langrisser III's unpopular albeit inventive rock into the shining gem it always could have been, guiding the series in a thrilling new dire— Oh wait no Langrisser IV is actually trying very, very, hard to be Der Langrisser v1.1. In fact this is so keen … Continue reading Langrisser 2+2

Throwing it all away

After Der Langrisser made all that effort establishing the series' most recognisable formula, Langrisser III then goes and throws most of what worked straight out the window. The branching multi-multi-path scenario's gone straight in the bin and been replaced by a linear set of 30+ battles (as well as five optional and easily missed additional stages). The battle system's been … Continue reading Throwing it all away

HUGE art… and really tiny scraps of strategy

How could I possibly resist a Shin Megami Tensei themed SRPG, the happy combination of two of my favourite things - tiny people waiting to be ordered around a large map and demon-infested 90's cyberpunk? And oh, that soundtrack! Hidehito Aoki's work on Majin Tensei's soundtrack is just superb, a sort of dark industrial goth rock via the SNES' soft-sounding … Continue reading HUGE art… and really tiny scraps of strategy

Night has fallen and the Foul are abroad!

The Lords of Midnight's manual opens with what ordinarily would be described as some self-important trumpet blowing: "Welcome to the World's first-ever Epic game..." it boldly declares, weary 21st Century eyes reflexively performing a well-practised roll at the sight of such easily ignored waffle. The thing is, between the game's advanced age (at the time … Continue reading Night has fallen and the Foul are abroad!

A fresh start in a new era… well, maybe

There's something about Langrisser Millennium, Masaya's 1999 entry in the long running SRPG series, that we need to make very clear very quickly: It's not like its older and infinitely better known tactical forebears by design, even going so far as to have the back of the box spell out this game's desire to be a new … Continue reading A fresh start in a new era… well, maybe