Resident Evil’s other prequel

There are no doubt bacterial growths living ten miles under the surface of Mars that are well aware Sweet Home is the game responsible for setting out much of Resident Evil's successful survival horror framework by now: The tension-building creaky door animations forcing players to briefly live through the eyes of these unlucky souls, the … Continue reading Resident Evil’s other prequel

That is not groovy

If there's one thing that's always the same in every Resident Evil game, it's change. Capcom's survival horror series has proven time and time again it is prepared to try absolutely anything, from intensely terrifying single player horror to co-op combo-scoring action, and whether these attempts have ended up being resounding successes or well-intentioned cock-ups … Continue reading That is not groovy

Before where it all began

I thought that title was the best way to sum up Resident Evil 0, the 2002 GameCube release that finally fused all the tank-controlled trappings of Capcom's survival horror trendsetter with the most notable gameplay systems from their earlier and oft-praised Famicom 1989 title Sweet Home, a balance the series had been trying to find … Continue reading Before where it all began

Going to give you up, going to let you down

Being acutely aware of the very real difference between "I don't like this" and "This is actually-factually a steaming pile of horse manure" is, I feel, an important skill that can help us all focus on things that match our own personal preferences while still keeping one interested eye on anything that falls outside of … Continue reading Going to give you up, going to let you down