The beginning of the end

There are just two scenarios contained within Eldorado Gate Vol.6's GD-ROM, and the first is short even by the series' already pleasantly zippy standards. The chapter title "Operation: Wipe out the Gabri tribe" wastes no time in establishing the threat to Eldorado Gates' cute and colourful mascot-type monster by those pesky holy knights first introduced a … Continue reading The beginning of the end

The calm before the storm?

Eldorado Gate Vol. 5 opens with a scenario titled "Monster Hunter Sophie", accidentally naming Capcom's wyvern-bopping series over two years before its Japanese PlayStation 2 debut. Unlike the characters in that eventual multi-million selling showstopper, Sophie's monster hunting manifests as a capturing/summoning system that will no doubt bring Game Freak's Pokémon series to mind, but in practise … Continue reading The calm before the storm?

That awkward middle bit

After Volume 3's unexpected but not unwelcome pair of stories Eldorado Gate's back with another three scenario disc, with three new characters for our ever-expanding team to go with it - Mimi, Mamma, and Gigi. Again the manual implores newcomers to treat the stories contained within as standalone adventures (and read the updated on-disc encyclopaedia when they've … Continue reading That awkward middle bit

Free from filler, fetch quests, and flabby storytelling

Eldorado Gate's second volume is so keen on getting started Bantross, our suspiciously inscrutable combination of host, party leader, and know-it-all rolled into one, can't even make it through his introductory speech without getting interrupted; the game content to cut him short and throw a single line's worth of description for each of the first disc's three … Continue reading Free from filler, fetch quests, and flabby storytelling

A fresh start in a new era… well, maybe

There's something about Langrisser Millennium, Masaya's 1999 entry in the long running SRPG series, that we need to make very clear very quickly: It's not like its older and infinitely better known tactical forebears by design, even going so far as to have the back of the box spell out this game's desire to be a new … Continue reading A fresh start in a new era… well, maybe

Sakura Wars Corner: Sakura Wars Online

A Dreamcast "Dramatic Community" release with "Online" in its title sounds about as useful in 2022 as a themed email program that will only show its personalised messages to recipients viewing them through their own copy of the same disc, but Sakura Wars Online (the version shown here is the "Teito Edition", and is fully … Continue reading Sakura Wars Corner: Sakura Wars Online