Together we sail out to the sea of love… LOVEPLUS

Date cute schoolgirls while scheduling daily teenage-appropriate activities designed to boost your personal attributes in several key areas? Now then, where have we seen that before? Of course Konami can hardly be faulted for taking their inspiration from Konami, and in many ways Love Plus+ (yep, Love Plus Plus), an expanded version of what was at the time the … Continue reading Together we sail out to the sea of love… LOVEPLUS

Gotta hack ’em all!

For an adventure game with such impressive development talent behind it - that'll be Red Entertainment (Sakura Wars, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna) and Creatures Inc. (Mother 3, manymanymanymany very good Pokémon spin-offs) - Japanese DS exclusive Project Hacker: Kakusei failed to do much more on release than exist in as unremarkably and inoffensively a manner as possible, quietly coming and going … Continue reading Gotta hack ’em all!

Back to the future (via murders and music)

Poisoned drinks, deadly falls (preceded by a malicious push), heavy candlesticks swung at the back of someone's head, jealous lords offing innocent princes... murder's been a popular plot device for about as long as people have been telling stories, which has the unfortunate side effect of making even a well written tale feel a little … Continue reading Back to the future (via murders and music)

Getting it right by doing it wrong

The Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history has quite understandably been mined for entertainment purposes for centuries at the very least, so it should come as no surprise to learn that gaming has also used the setting for everything from serious stat-heavy historical simulations to coin-swallowing arcade fun too - that's side-scrolling beat 'em up style … Continue reading Getting it right by doing it wrong


I love everything about the original Resident Evil. The story, the frequently bizarre voice acting, the way the horror of those first nervous playthroughs melts away into silky speedruns as Umbrella's finely-tuned puzzle box of monsters clicks into place - every last little detail is something to be noted and cherished. So this admission is … Continue reading THE WASPS GO IN THE WASP NEST