The horrors of the mind

deSPIRIA's scrappy survivalist future of deadly secrets and grisly monsters, a setting where people try to eke out a life for themselves amongst the decay as androids play the roles of shop assistants and murderers while a powerful religion oversees all, is something of a spiritual sequel to the supremely atmospheric PlayStation title Dark Messiah. … Continue reading The horrors of the mind

The 21st century RPG

Ah, good old Phantasy Star Online. Everyone's played it on one format or another, or dabbled in one of its numerous spinoffs, or spent hours fussing over expensive outfits in the now internationally-available sequel. Been there, done that, evolved a funny-looking Mag and kicked Dark Falz in the chops at the end. But when was the last time any … Continue reading The 21st century RPG

The search for Sega’s treasure

Hidekazu Yukawa, once the Senior Managing Director at Sega, became the unlikely face of the Dreamcast during its Japanese debut after starring in an endearing TV commercial lamenting the company's struggles against the nigh-universal popularity of Sony's PlayStation. From that self-deprecating moment he would on to appear in other high profile advertising campaigns for Sega's … Continue reading The search for Sega’s treasure