Where is Biohazard going?

First released as a Dreamcast exclusive back in 2000, Code: Veronica has the dubious honour of not only being the other awkward in-between Resident Evil but the first next-gen release in the series, obliging the title to take survival horror into the 21st century even when the real fourth Resident Evil was struggling behind the … Continue reading Where is Biohazard going?

“You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS!”

I have played a lot of Resident Evil since the series' debut in 1996: Some I adore, some I quite like, and there's one I can't even bear playing long enough to finish it the once (and no, it's not 6). This third entry has always sat somewhere in the middle for me, never doing anything so … Continue reading “You want STARS? I’ll give you STARS!”

Sakura Taisen: Continuation of the dream

Broadly speaking Sakura Taisen is to Sega what Final Fantasy is to Square-Enix and Pokémon is to Nintendo - a very special all-eyes-on-this event generating sort of series where the slightest whiff of a new release announcement guarantees immediate media attention and huge fan excitement that you can be sure will translate into an awful lot of sales on … Continue reading Sakura Taisen: Continuation of the dream