All the world’s a stage

Everyone expects modern MMOs to have a reliable stream of tie-in events, with Square-Enix's rich, interconnected, and naturally RPG-friendly stable arguably under more pressure than most to mingle its three flagship online games (Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, and Dragon Quest X) with each other, with the wider range of games available under the publisher's extensive … Continue reading All the world’s a stage

Review: R-Type Final 2

R-Type tried to say goodbye for the first time eighteen years ago, the PlayStation 2's R-Type Final intended to be one last hurrah for a relic of a bygone age. Two portable Tactics games came and went after that heartfelt farewell, but apart from that little experiment R-Type was considered a closed book. Or so we thought. The crowdfund-supported R-Type Final … Continue reading Review: R-Type Final 2

The mystic far east – powered up!

The "VM" in VM Japan stands for Vantage Master, a very short and sporadic run of tactical fantasy games by Falcom beginning in 1997 with the predictably titled Vantage Master and (currently) ending with Vantage Master Portable for the PSP just over a decade later (this title was eventually ported back to PC via an official Chinese licensee). VM Japan … Continue reading The mystic far east – powered up!

Something old, something new, and one dragon who’s very blue

Graphically updating old games must feel a lot like being asked to nail custard to a wall: It's a lot of messy effort for all involved and by the end of it nobody's really happy with the way things turned out. Even the best-intentioned daub of next-gen polygonal polish can turn out badly - old … Continue reading Something old, something new, and one dragon who’s very blue

That is not groovy

If there's one thing that's always the same in every Resident Evil game, it's change. Capcom's survival horror series has proven time and time again it is prepared to try absolutely anything, from intensely terrifying single player horror to co-op combo-scoring action, and whether these attempts have ended up being resounding successes or well-intentioned cock-ups … Continue reading That is not groovy

An electronic sausage

Bandai's WonderBorg is best known as a relatively expensive novelty accessory for the WonderSwan, their fantastic Japan-only handheld. It's exactly the sort of odd plastic lump in an oversized box guaranteed to get mentioned in those familiar "Ha! Look at the weird gaming things people could buy in Japan!" listicles alongside portable fishing sonars and … Continue reading An electronic sausage