Review: The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

Originally a Japan-only PSP game released in 2012, the game now formally known in English as The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails was Falcom's final release for Sony's underappreciated handheld - and it shows. Shockingly gorgeous to look at and crafted with the sort of confidence that only comes with hands-on experience and a specific, single, … Continue reading Review: The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

My Dragon Quest X Play Diary: Part 02

[A quick note before we begin: Going forward you'll be able to find all of these Dragon Quest X diary posts under the new ~Dragon Quest X Play Diary~ tag] At a bit of a loose end and with my brain turned to mush after writing an unreasonably enormous review on brand new Taiwanese RPG Sword & … Continue reading My Dragon Quest X Play Diary: Part 02

My Dragon Quest X Diary: Part 01

In its original form Dragon Quest X remains online only and exclusive to Japan (the upcoming offline version is an entirely separate and heavily reworked entity), although it's a little easier to get into these days thanks to a Final Fantasy XIV-style relaxation on its entry requirements: Anyone living in Japan (or pretending to be) … Continue reading My Dragon Quest X Diary: Part 01

Never judge a game by its cover

If the screenshots of Gravity's Korean-born PC RPG shown below look familiar it's probably because you've spent some happy time with their best-known work, the phenomenally successful MMO Ragnarok Online. The same standard of spriting excellence found in their long-running online game is found in equal measure in this single player title, Arcturus' art remaining as much … Continue reading Never judge a game by its cover

All the world’s a stage

Everyone expects modern MMOs to have a reliable stream of tie-in events, with Square-Enix's rich, interconnected, and naturally RPG-friendly stable arguably under more pressure than most to mingle its three flagship online games (Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, and Dragon Quest X) with each other, with the wider range of games available under the publisher's extensive … Continue reading All the world’s a stage

Review: R-Type Final 2

R-Type tried to say goodbye for the first time eighteen years ago, the PlayStation 2's R-Type Final intended to be one last hurrah for a relic of a bygone age. Two portable Tactics games came and went after that heartfelt farewell, but apart from that little experiment R-Type was considered a closed book. Or so we thought. The crowdfund-supported R-Type Final … Continue reading Review: R-Type Final 2