When two very different genres collide…

Aconcagua begins with a dramatic explosion sending a small passenger plane hurtling towards the titular real-world mountain the game takes place on, which for the purposes of this 2000 PlayStation title is located within the fictional country of Meruza. This is a country where the people suffering under enforced military rule still harbour faint hopes of democratically-elected … Continue reading When two very different genres collide…

Storytelling, strafing, and sci-fi

You may know Genki's 1996 PlayStation game Beltlogger 9 by its lengthier US title BRAHMA Force: The Assault on Beltlogger 9 or its subtitle-free European moniker, BRAHMA Force. A quick glance gives the impression we're about to inflict yet another slightly clunky Nineties first-person sci-fi shooter with all the usual trappings - weird controls, overly cube-like environments, and a plot … Continue reading Storytelling, strafing, and sci-fi

I just think they’re neat

By the summer of 2000 the once pioneering PlayStation was a thoroughly decrepit six years old and now the ageing budget alternative to the glorious next-gen delights of Sega's online Dreamcast and Sony's own PlayStation 2. Like every other console before it the PlayStation was supposed to politely fade into obscurity, its remaining stock swiftly … Continue reading I just think they’re neat

“Inspired by” is not a dirty term

Graphically 1995 was all over the place, a turbulent time when "realistic" FMV games spanning multiple CD-ROMs would jostle for magazine space with pre-rendered 2D games on comparatively tiny cartridges, Game Boy games destined for use on a smeary green dot matrix display, and next-gen titles boasting fully texture mapped polygons. One style however was … Continue reading “Inspired by” is not a dirty term