Taking an old series to new depths

At first blush the rigid grid-based dungeon crawling of From Software's 2006 PSP exclusive King's Field Additional I appears to be a drastic departure from the immersive die 'em ups that came before it, this UMD upstart choosing to ditch the freeform exploration of old in favour of a right angled labyrinth and the solitary town above … Continue reading Taking an old series to new depths

Death is but a door, time is but a window

FromSoftware have something of a habit of creating worlds filled with darkness and ghosts, desolate spaces still reeling from the aftershocks of horrific events long since passed (as well as their natural creative companion... action-sims starring giant mecha), and 1998's Echo Night is no exception, surrounding leading man Richard Osmond with the spirits of those killed … Continue reading Death is but a door, time is but a window

Nightmare fuel for nightmare fuel

Shadow Tower, FromSoftware's 1998 PlayStation exclusive first-person horror die 'em up released long before we collectively "got" the tense dark fantasy themed games they'd been trying sell us since the original King's Field, is referred to by my son as "The staircase game": It's not because you spend a lot of time trudging up and … Continue reading Nightmare fuel for nightmare fuel