From the spelltacular to the magically mundane

The pixel art seen throughout Magical Vacation, Brownie Brown's 2001 GBA RPG, is never anything less than utterly stunning. Every location is bathed in comforting pastel colours and brimming with astonishing levels of detail, this art encompassing everything from lush forests to industrialist towers and populated by fluffy dog people, talking puppets, and every other kind of … Continue reading From the spelltacular to the magically mundane

Happy! So happy! Mega happy!

Korokoro Puzzle: Happy Panechu! is a GBA puzzle game released exclusively in Japan in 2002 and developed by Mobile 21, perhaps best know for their work on a different title for the same handheld: Gradius Generation (AKA Galaxies/Advance). Unlike the seventy billion other puzzle games released for Nintendo's portables over the years (exact quantity possibly a little less than that), … Continue reading Happy! So happy! Mega happy!

When the game doesn’t love you back

Everyone's dead and it's your fault. It turns out Treasure's Saturn wonder Guardian Heroes didn't end the way any of us thought it did, regardless of which of that game's numerous endings you prefer. According to Treasure's sole sequel, Advance Guardian Heroes, the noble Undead Warrior - and we soon learn that's us - sodded o- sorry, "returned to dust" … Continue reading When the game doesn’t love you back