Pocket-sized panics

The WonderSwan exclusive "Novel Theatre" game Terrors 2 offers users three unrelated but hopefully spooky stories to choose from once the standard-issue creepy laughter's died down on the title screen, with a shorter fourth, final, and equally disconnected tale unlocked after you've cleared them (and made sure you've saved too). This bonus piece isn't a … Continue reading Pocket-sized panics

Gotta hack ’em all!

For an adventure game with such impressive development talent behind it - that'll be Red Entertainment (Sakura Wars, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna) and Creatures Inc. (Mother 3, manymanymanymany very good Pokémon spin-offs) - Japanese DS exclusive Project Hacker: Kakusei failed to do much more on release than exist in as unremarkably and inoffensively a manner as possible, quietly coming and going … Continue reading Gotta hack ’em all!

The horrors of the mind

deSPIRIA's scrappy survivalist future of deadly secrets and grisly monsters, a setting where people try to eke out a life for themselves amongst the decay as androids play the roles of shop assistants and murderers while a powerful religion oversees all, is something of a spiritual sequel to the supremely atmospheric PlayStation title Dark Messiah. … Continue reading The horrors of the mind

When two very different genres collide…

Aconcagua begins with a dramatic explosion sending a small passenger plane hurtling towards the titular real-world mountain the game takes place on, which for the purposes of this 2000 PlayStation title is located within the fictional country of Meruza. This is a country where the people suffering under enforced military rule still harbour faint hopes of democratically-elected … Continue reading When two very different genres collide…

Review: Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi

Shin-chan has been his oddball little self for over thirty years now, the manga and anime star headlining games on just about anything and everything going all the way back to the Game Boy and Famicom. The public reception of these titles has generally ranged from mild apathy to active dislike, something created because the … Continue reading Review: Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi

An amusing cyber psychic adventure game

In 2026, 114 years after it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the RMS Titanic mysteriously reappeared in the churning sky above Tokyo, and the talented women of the AMP (that's Attacked Mystification Police Department) were called in to investigate. Surprisingly Silent Möbius: Case: Titanic's supremely supernatural setup - playable on PC-98, FM-Towns, X68000, … Continue reading An amusing cyber psychic adventure game

You are being watched. You are being judged.

Hungry Ghosts opens not with a context-free FMV montage of epic events yet to come nor an attention grabbing intro neatly ending as your own adventure begins but something far more ominous - a simple text message addressing you directly, warning of all the difficult decisions ahead that cannot be undone. This then seamlessly drifts … Continue reading You are being watched. You are being judged.