It’s tea time!

Why Java Tea? Why would anyone think to associate Sega's big-headed and incredibly cute Saturn/ST-V fighting game Virtua Fighter Kids with a particular brand of soft drink? Well, why not? Games have a long and varied history of willingly collaborating with commercial consumables, from Chester Cheetah's 16-bit outings to the supposed Sonic-beating "interstellar cosmic dweller" … Continue reading It’s tea time!

When normal is different

If there's one thing you're likely to have heard about Human's (that's the Clock Tower people) sports-based kick 'em up it's that right at the very end of the single-player tournament mode your opponent strolls in disrespectfully late and immediately hoofs the referee into the scoreboard before launching into a relentless Taekwon-do'ing-your-face-for-real brawl. In the … Continue reading When normal is different