Review: Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote Sen

Densha de GO! has always been as encouraging as it is exacting, and if anything this latest game in the series (also available on PlayStation 4) is even more so, making a real effort right from the start of its colourful intro to feel welcoming and accessible regardless of any feigned disinterest in the subject … Continue reading Review: Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote Sen

The search for Sega’s treasure

Hidekazu Yukawa, once the Senior Managing Director at Sega, became the unlikely face of the Dreamcast during its Japanese debut after starring in an endearing TV commercial lamenting the company's struggles against the nigh-universal popularity of Sony's PlayStation. From that self-deprecating moment he would on to appear in other high profile advertising campaigns for Sega's … Continue reading The search for Sega’s treasure

Welcome to the age of the BIO-GAME

It's remarkable to think Captain Blood managed to stand out from the crowd in the late eighties, a time when alien menaces with laser cannons and planet hopping space adventures were considered such very ordinary gaming fodder it was actually quite refreshing to play anything that wasn't "inspired by" Space Invaders, Star Wars, or Aliens. The overuse of the genre … Continue reading Welcome to the age of the BIO-GAME