A fresh bundle of very old games

You'd think a collection - even a Japanese one from the Nineties - containing nothing but Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished, Dragon Slayer, and Xanadu: Dragon Slayer II (we'll not go into the mind-bending rabbit hole that is Falcom's Dragon Slayer/The Legend of Heroes series-within-series today) would be marketed as "Ys and two bonus games" but the Saturn exclusive Falcom … Continue reading A fresh bundle of very old games

Seriously cute

Royal Stone is the relatively unknown (and happily now Game Gear Micro'd) 1995 Japan-only SRPG spiritual sequel to an internationally available Game Gear SRPG you might have already played called Crystal Warriors. It's also really pretty, the perfect showcase of the handheld's oft-forgotten expanded colour palette that in the right hands makes Sega's machine so much more than … Continue reading Seriously cute

Everything’s better with dragons

All early signs point to this 1987 Konami title being at best yet another The Legend of Zelda clone made with good intentions and inevitably poor execution: The lone hero, the overworld littered with some suspiciously deliberate rock formations, the black holes in south facing walls leading to monster-filled dungeons or new areas entirely - … Continue reading Everything’s better with dragons

Two siblings, a mysterious girl, and a monkey go on an adventure…

This 1996 Super Famicom RPG may have been published by Squaresoft but it's actually the work of a certain Sting Entertainment, the same developers behind many unusual titles over the past thirty years including the Dept. Heaven series (Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, etc.) and a rather atmospheric dungeon crawler called Baroque... And that … Continue reading Two siblings, a mysterious girl, and a monkey go on an adventure…