Together we sail out to the sea of love… LOVEPLUS

Date cute schoolgirls while scheduling daily teenage-appropriate activities designed to boost your personal attributes in several key areas? Now then, where have we seen that before? Of course Konami can hardly be faulted for taking their inspiration from Konami, and in many ways Love Plus+ (yep, Love Plus Plus), an expanded version of what was at the time the … Continue reading Together we sail out to the sea of love… LOVEPLUS

Konami’s second go at first love

Tokimeki Memorial 2 is a lavish PlayStation exclusive experience, one where every event and cutscene has been crafted to the highest standards using vast quantities of spoken dialogue and premium quality artwork - no wonder it spans a frankly absurd five CDs. That's more than any of Squaresoft's chart-topping RPGs released around the same time, and … Continue reading Konami’s second go at first love

Cart-sized caving

Konami's Cave Noire is a wonderful Game Boy-sized roguelite, just the sort of thing for those moments when you're short on time but would still like to do something other than play another round of Tetris or whatever game the entire internet's fixated with this week. Much like the equally brilliant Shiren this is a turn-based adventure; every enemy movement, every … Continue reading Cart-sized caving

Rocket-powered platforming

Thanks to the incredible influence of a certain blue hedgehog every company - every company - that wasn't Nintendo back in the Nineties was desperate to have a platforming mascot animal-ish character of their very own, usually a [Something] the [Something]. With attitude. And Konami's was Sparkster, the armour plated, rocket powered, tail swinging, opossum star of Rocket Knight Adventures. … Continue reading Rocket-powered platforming