Let’s get ready to rhumble!

Nintendo ushered in rumble-tastic gaming with the wonderful Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars, as we used to call it over here) in 1997 with Sony's PlayStation introducing the new all-in-one DualShock controller just a few months later, offering not only built-in battery-free vibrations but also two - two! - analogue sticks as standard, unknowingly defining the basic features and … Continue reading Let’s get ready to rhumble!

Delightful dungeon diving

I've politely passed on this 3D-constructed and Japanese only N64 exclusive entry in the long-running and reliably excellent Mystery Dungeon series for many years now; I have lots of Shirens and Shiren-likes already spanning goodness knows how many formats, do I really need a copy of the enthusiastically punctuated Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 2: Oni Shuurai! … Continue reading Delightful dungeon diving

The Mother of all fishing games

I love Sega Bass Fishing. That little Dreamcast game is everything other virtual fishing experiences are not. It's exciting for starters; its arcade roots allowing users to get straight to the best part of the whole soggy affair - teasing a hungry fish with your specially selected lure before hooking and then frantically reeling them … Continue reading The Mother of all fishing games

Let’s not throw the vampire baby out with the bath water, eh?

Oh look it's the (other) bad Castlevania, the one stuffed up to its gothic bat-filled rafters with instant death water, a terrible lock-on system, and that hellish section involving backtracking, very sensitive explosives, and a run through an almost comically lethal gauntlet of crushing spikes and narrow walkways. Yay. Yes, yes... everybody knows this game … Continue reading Let’s not throw the vampire baby out with the bath water, eh?