An amusing cyber psychic adventure game

In 2026, 114 years after it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the RMS Titanic mysteriously reappeared in the churning sky above Tokyo, and the talented women of the AMP (that's Attacked Mystification Police Department) were called in to investigate. Surprisingly Silent Möbius: Case: Titanic's supremely supernatural setup - playable on PC-98, FM-Towns, X68000, … Continue reading An amusing cyber psychic adventure game

Like herding very small and very round raccoon dog children

This charming little PC-98 action-puzzle game is just one of the interactive diversions contained within Compile's 1996 release DiscStation Vol.11, alongside a gaming buffet of six other DiscStation-exclusive titles. There appears to be at least one true standalone Tanukids release - a Windows 95 compatible CD called "Pa☆Pa☆Puzzle Tanukids" - but beyond a vague awareness of its … Continue reading Like herding very small and very round raccoon dog children

The world revolves around Ares

Brandish 2 continues the noble Falcom tradition of having their brave heroes fall flat on their faces in unfortunate circumstances as the only flimsy excuse needed to drag them into another adventure. The first game's distinctive "world-turning" system makes a functionally identical comeback here (as do many other features), which means our protagonist Ares always … Continue reading The world revolves around Ares