How do you play Wizardry, 1981's hottest RPG, in 2022? "With some difficulty" is the only honest answer, as official access to Sir-Tech's pioneering dungeon crawling adventure is virtually nonexistent. The Ultimate Wizardry Archives for DOS/Windows was as close as the series ever got to a convenient compilation, but that came out so long ago the pack's now … Continue reading WELCOME TO THE WIZARDRY WORLD

A PC Engine parody

Originally a 1992 Japanese PC Engine exclusive before being finally gifted to the world in 2008 via the Wii's Virtual Console service (the same year it appeared on the PSP's now painfully expensive Soldier Collection) and again over a decade later as part of the PC Engine/CoreGrafx/TurboGrafx-16 Mini line up, Star Parodier is - yep, you've guessed it … Continue reading A PC Engine parody

Move Crushers and Voice Knuckles

Developed by Human and released exclusively for the PC Engine in 1994, this largely disconnected and untranslated sequel to the original Vasteel is another sci-fi strategy title starring hot-headed resistance heroes all too eager to yell PG-rated insults at well-dressed militaristic people as both sides stomp around in giant mech-type weaponry known in this particular … Continue reading Move Crushers and Voice Knuckles

Welcome to another fantasy zone – get ready?

From the instant you fall through the first stage's blossom-pink skies and into Jinmu Denshou's stripy world you know exactly what Big Club/Wolf Team's into-the-screen shooting PC Engine exclusive is going to be like - it's going to be like Space Harrier. As instantly recognisable as the visual style of Sega's arcade titan is few games ever dared … Continue reading Welcome to another fantasy zone – get ready?