Playing with DoLLS

Power DoLLS FX, released in 1996 for NEC's poorly received PC Engine follow-up, the PC-FX, is one of several remakes of the original PC-98 game Power DoLLS, a Kogado Studio "Scenario Simulation Game" featuring an all-woman cast stomping around in giant mechs on the distant planet Omni in the far future. The grid-like nature of the battlefields, marketable … Continue reading Playing with DoLLS

High fantasy and low expectations

1997 first-person dungeon crawler Boundary Gate: Daughter of Kingdom was briefly a PC-FX exclusive... until a PlayStation port showed up on Japanese shop shelves a few short months later, presumably because Pack-In-Soft needed the game to sell to a userbase larger than the programming team that created it to turn a profit. Just so you're … Continue reading High fantasy and low expectations