“Inspired by” is not a dirty term

Graphically 1995 was all over the place, a turbulent time when "realistic" FMV games spanning multiple CD-ROMs would jostle for magazine space with pre-rendered 2D games on comparatively tiny cartridges, Game Boy games destined for use on a smeary green dot matrix display, and next-gen titles boasting fully texture mapped polygons. One style however was … Continue reading “Inspired by” is not a dirty term

In limbo, the silent dream

Video footage of pigeons flapping around an urban environment. Untextured horses running on thin air over to floating islands. A giant stone foot. The kanji for moon written on the surface of the same celestial body in reverse. Paper-thin sumo wrestlers locked in an endless contest. Touch any surface and these scenes will fade away: … Continue reading In limbo, the silent dream