Rocket-powered platforming

Thanks to the incredible influence of a certain blue hedgehog every company - every company - that wasn't Nintendo back in the Nineties was desperate to have a platforming mascot animal-ish character of their very own, usually a [Something] the [Something]. With attitude. And Konami's was Sparkster, the armour plated, rocket powered, tail swinging, opossum star of Rocket Knight Adventures. … Continue reading Rocket-powered platforming

Change is bad. And good. And necessary.

PlayStation cutscene 'em up Metal Gear Solid was a legend in its own lifetime, selling millions of copies worldwide and responsible for a huge shift in mainstream gaming's attitude towards how games could play and the sort of weighty subjects their plots could tackle. It made "stealth action" mainstream in a way Tenchu, released the … Continue reading Change is bad. And good. And necessary.

Everything’s better with dragons

All early signs point to this 1987 Konami title being at best yet another The Legend of Zelda clone made with good intentions and inevitably poor execution: The lone hero, the overworld littered with some suspiciously deliberate rock formations, the black holes in south facing walls leading to monster-filled dungeons or new areas entirely - … Continue reading Everything’s better with dragons

Kimimi’s Social Rehabilitation: Part 2

I was determined after the accidental skeleton-rattling therapy session that was my time with Tokimeki Memorial: Girls Side Premium Third Story this time around my Konami dating experience was just going to be fun - not a resounding success of perfectly picked perks and a queue of loved-up girls waiting outside my classroom door, nor … Continue reading Kimimi’s Social Rehabilitation: Part 2

Can’t say goodbye to yesterday

There can be no talk of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty without first acknowledging the runaway success of the 1998 title that spawned it, a PlayStation game so unbelievably popular it sold over six million copies worldwide, inspiring a broad selection of pretenders to the stealth-action throne in the years that followed and … Continue reading Can’t say goodbye to yesterday

A Suikoden spinoff, volume 1

Konami have something of a...¬†reputation... when it comes to the handling of their many much-loved franchises, and the Suikoden series unfortunately no exception to that rule. Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1: Harmonia no Kenshi, a text adventure (Konami's exact words there) released in 2000, fills an awkward transitional gap in the saga (to be joined the year … Continue reading A Suikoden spinoff, volume 1