A bit like sci-fi ice skating… with missiles

Cut from the same polygonal cloth as Namco's beautiful Starblade, Cyber Sled brought full 3D arena combat to arcades in 1993, causing everyone nearby to stand and stare in awe of its flat-shaded graphical muscle and wonder what the heck they were supposed to do with those two identical joysticks sticking out the front of … Continue reading A bit like sci-fi ice skating… with missiles

“We’ll show you the best events!”

Ah, sports. My dislike for physical activity is rivalled only by my utter incompetence at any mathematical problems that may come my way, making me a sort of very special breed that can neither mask my academic failings with athletic prowess nor claim I'm too busy doing smart equation-related things to avoid putting on a … Continue reading “We’ll show you the best events!”