“Mercurial drama queen hack”

[A quick word before we begin. There is no way to show honest screenshots of MadWorld without sharing some unpleasantly violent (albeit stylised) imagery so please keep that in mind before scrolling down the page] Imagine a game operating under similar circumstances to the movie Speed, only instead of keeping a bus moving above 50mph to … Continue reading “Mercurial drama queen hack”

2020. Tokyo. A dragon hunting RPG.

Japan's capital city may be no stranger to invasions by fantastical beasts but the games depicting these dramatic events rarely attract a staff list as notable as 7th Dragon 2020's, a "dragon hunting" RPG produced by none other than Reiko Kodama (Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia), directed by Kazuya Niinou (Etrian Odyssey, both Dragon Quest Builders), and graced with Yuzo … Continue reading 2020. Tokyo. A dragon hunting RPG.

The 21st century RPG

Ah, good old Phantasy Star Online. Everyone's played it on one format or another, or dabbled in one of its numerous spinoffs, or spent hours fussing over expensive outfits in the now internationally-available sequel. Been there, done that, evolved a funny-looking Mag and kicked Dark Falz in the chops at the end. But when was the last time any … Continue reading The 21st century RPG

Seriously cute

Royal Stone is the relatively unknown (and happily now Game Gear Micro'd) 1995 Japan-only SRPG spiritual sequel to an internationally available Game Gear SRPG you might have already played called Crystal Warriors. It's also really pretty, the perfect showcase of the handheld's oft-forgotten expanded colour palette that in the right hands makes Sega's machine so much more than … Continue reading Seriously cute