Seriously cute

Royal Stone is the relatively unknown (and happily now Game Gear Micro'd) 1995 Japan-only SRPG spiritual sequel to an internationally available Game Gear SRPG you might have already played called Crystal Warriors. It's also really pretty, the perfect showcase of the handheld's oft-forgotten expanded colour palette that in the right hands makes Sega's machine so much more than … Continue reading Seriously cute

The search for Sega’s treasure

Hidekazu Yukawa, once the Senior Managing Director at Sega, became the unlikely face of the Dreamcast during its Japanese debut after starring in an endearing TV commercial lamenting the company's struggles against the nigh-universal popularity of Sony's PlayStation. From that self-deprecating moment he would on to appear in other high profile advertising campaigns for Sega's … Continue reading The search for Sega’s treasure

Something old, something new, and one dragon who’s very blue

Graphically updating old games must feel a lot like being asked to nail custard to a wall: It's a lot of messy effort for all involved and by the end of it nobody's really happy with the way things turned out. Even the best-intentioned daub of next-gen polygonal polish can turn out badly - old … Continue reading Something old, something new, and one dragon who’s very blue