Absence makes the heart grow fonder

This troubled Neo Geo CD release of Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushido Retsuden marks one of the too-few occasions SNK's well-intentioned stab at creating a more mainstream sort of home consumer hardware didn't receive an inferior (if vastly more affordable) port of a pre-existing AES game and have to pretend it was grateful for the second-hand … Continue reading Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Toy soldiers and chips

Sacnoth were the creative force responsible responsible for the fabulous survival-horror RPG Koudelka, its slightly more famous (and dare I whisper it, inferior) sequel Shadow Hearts, the Dive Alert duo on Neo Geo Pocket, and this swerve out of nowhere into tactical mech action, Faselei (I'm going to leave out that trailing "!", it gives me a headache). They … Continue reading Toy soldiers and chips