Authentically different

Fans of the original Dungeon Master will find Dungeon Master Nexus' opening eerily familiar: Once again you are Theron, a brave young man who can't seem to keep himself alive and corporeal for more than five minutes, once again made to rescue his magically unavailable master Greylord from another huge dungeon of nefarious design using a player-picked selection … Continue reading Authentically different

1UPs for rent

I can remember only three things about Raizing's celebrated/feared arcade shmup Battle Garegga: It's rank-based, which means the difficulty dynamically alters depending on your actions as you play, it's really hard even at the best of times, and counterintuitively to established genre rules you're supposed to  kill yourself off at several points due to the aforementioned rank-related shenanigans and other … Continue reading 1UPs for rent

Sakura Wars Corner: Teigeki Graph in Sakura Wars

Another day, another Sakura Wars fan disc set. This two disc release was the last of the Saturn offerings, and unlike the ones that came before it┬áTeigeki Graph in Sakura Wars is packed with new content and an easy recommendation for any fan of the series, whether they have a back tattoo of the full … Continue reading Sakura Wars Corner: Teigeki Graph in Sakura Wars

Sakura Wars Corner: Sakura Wars Hanagumi Tsushin

This movie card compatible disc, one that takes the trouble of stating in big red boxes that this is a digital fan disc and not a game, released on Valentine's Day 1997 and came with a little card for "Ogami", which when folded out revealed portraits of the entire (pre-Sakura Wars 2) Flower Division complete … Continue reading Sakura Wars Corner: Sakura Wars Hanagumi Tsushin

Saving the best for last

The final entry in this energetic little trilogy, titled Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story III: Sabakareshi Mono, debuted on the Saturn three short months after the previous game, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story II: Ao wo Uketsugu Mono, which itself released roughly three months before the opening effort, Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story I: Senritsu no Blue. As is … Continue reading Saving the best for last

I’m blue (and so are you)

As the name suggests Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story II: Ao wo Uketsugu Mono is the second release in this little Saturn trilogy (for the sake of clarity I think it's worth stating that this is a completely standalone experience and doesn't require the first Side Story's disc for anything), released just a few months after Senritsu no … Continue reading I’m blue (and so are you)

Fillers, coasters, and horse racing

"20 JAPANESE GAMES L@@K RARE IMPORT SEGA NINTENDO RETRO!!" yells the eBay listing, the price suspiciously affordable when weighed up against the bundle's quantity. I bet you already know the sort of "deal" I'm talking about - and you already know to avoid them too. Even without clicking on the imaginary link you can virtually … Continue reading Fillers, coasters, and horse racing