Report from hell

According to the front cover Grasshopper Manufacture's 2004 PlayStation 2 title Michigan is an all-new and intriguing genre - an "Immoral Adventure". The opening FMV tantalisingly expands upon this unusual concept by outright stating at one point (in English no less) "story changes depending on your morality" - not your bravery, not your intelligence, but … Continue reading Report from hell

Die Report Disaster Hard: The Game

"Like casting pearls before swine" is often an appropriate phrase to use when talking about the general games-buying public, with Beautiful but Unusual One-Off frequently outsold a thousand to one by Drivey Dude Shoots Again IX: Drive Dude-ier. These people are entirely to blame when magical voyages of pure wonder go unbought - if only … Continue reading Die Report Disaster Hard: The Game