The mobile police at home

The Super Famicom's rather plainly titled Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor game, um, Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor (from the same development team later responsible for the Saturn's Gundam Side Story trilogy) defies neat description. Much like the source material it's a game filled with enormous mechs more than capable of punching each other to bits yet fighting isn't always the answer, a game … Continue reading The mobile police at home

Super [Famicom] storytelling

At first glance, a second look, and even after skimming over a few screenshots, anyone interested in playing Heisei Shin Onigashima could reasonably assume this 1996 (Satellaview release, with some differences)/1997 (Nintendo Power service)/1998 (boxed retail cartridges shown above) two-part Super Famicom adventure game wasn't much more than a graphical overhaul of Nintendo's 1987 8-bit … Continue reading Super [Famicom] storytelling

Two siblings, a mysterious girl, and a monkey go on an adventure…

This 1996 Super Famicom RPG may have been published by Squaresoft but it's actually the work of a certain Sting Entertainment, the same developers behind many unusual titles over the past thirty years including the Dept. Heaven series (Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, etc.) and a rather atmospheric dungeon crawler called Baroque... And that … Continue reading Two siblings, a mysterious girl, and a monkey go on an adventure…

When normal is different

If there's one thing you're likely to have heard about Human's (that's the Clock Tower people) sports-based kick 'em up it's that right at the very end of the single-player tournament mode your opponent strolls in disrespectfully late and immediately hoofs the referee into the scoreboard before launching into a relentless Taekwon-do'ing-your-face-for-real brawl. In the … Continue reading When normal is different

Give peace a chance (even in action games)

It's not all that unusual for those important first sequels in an older series to go off in strange and unexpected directions, unceremoniously dumping previously unshakeable core rules while simultaneously shifting their focus towards something else entirely without even considering what such a huge change would feel like to those who enjoyed the original outing: … Continue reading Give peace a chance (even in action games)