Review: Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote Sen

Densha de GO! has always been as encouraging as it is exacting, and if anything this latest game in the series (also available on PlayStation 4) is even more so, making a real effort right from the start of its colourful intro to feel welcoming and accessible regardless of any feigned disinterest in the subject … Continue reading Review: Densha de GO! Hashirou Yamanote Sen

Sit down, shut up

It doesn't take a great amount of effort to have at least some surface-level information about a wide range of games these days: Trailers are highly polished, social media accounts tease upcoming releases with laser-guided precision, and while playable demos aren't quite ubiquitous there's still a real chance anything from the biggest blockbuster to the … Continue reading Sit down, shut up