Fail Land is a huge success

Étoile Princesse is an X68000 exclusive action adventure by Exact, the same developers responsible for the incredible Geograph Seal as well as the later Jumping Flash series. As you may hope from a colorful game set on the magical floating islands of "FAIL LAND" (yes, really) this is a light-hearted sort of journey for red haired heroine Rilule and her … Continue reading Fail Land is a huge success

Stylish X68k action

I bet most people love a good game starring GIANT MECHS. I bet even more people love good games starring GIANT MECHS wielding LASER SWORDS, their enormous and effortlessly impressive metal frames contrasting beautifully against the frequent tiny human figures dashing around their feet and other mundane miscellanea such as cars and lamp posts added mostly to give … Continue reading Stylish X68k action

Improving on somebody else’s homework

If there's one thing that's a sure bet in old computer gaming, it's that any sword-carrying hero of a certain age will take part in an adventure that's suspiciously similar to but legally distinct from the sort undertaken by Ys' Adol Christin, sometimes even down to the lead character having the exact same flame-red hair. Zark … Continue reading Improving on somebody else’s homework

OF-1 Daedalus, GO!

Another day, another game set in the now scarily not-so-futuristic year of 20XX. Irem's Image Fight made its tate-orientated arcade debut back in 1988 with its first no-TV-tilting-required home counterparts arriving two years later, turning up on everything from the unstoppable NES and the wonderfully dinky PC Engine to the highest high-end Japanese computers of … Continue reading OF-1 Daedalus, GO!