The what, why, and how of playing arcade games at home

What "What" is the easiest part: This is a ramble covering the topic mentioned in the title above - playing arcade games at home, specifically using real arcade hardware connected to an ordinary TV rather than bringing a cabinet into the living room. I will stress this is not a guide as such, more "practical … Continue reading The what, why, and how of playing arcade games at home

Feathered friends in new frontiers

Hataraku Chocobo does something so incredible when you turn it on I'm almost reluctant to talk about it, because when typed out it sounds as if I've resorted to pathetic "My uncle at Nintendo said..." level lies. You see, Squaresoft's game was exclusively designed for and released on Bandai's WonderSwan - the original monochrome WonderSwan, the … Continue reading Feathered friends in new frontiers

The beginning of the end

There are just two scenarios contained within Eldorado Gate Vol.6's GD-ROM, and the first is short even by the series' already pleasantly zippy standards. The chapter title "Operation: Wipe out the Gabri tribe" wastes no time in establishing the threat to Eldorado Gates' cute and colourful mascot-type monster by those pesky holy knights first introduced a … Continue reading The beginning of the end