Chiki Chiki Boys: Better than the real thing

Buying the home conversion of an arcade game back in the early nineties was a risky and unpredictable game affair: Entire stages may be skipped, less popular characters mysteriously absent, voice samples were more often than not thrown out at the earliest opportunity, and if a unique enemy or particularly large boss just wasn't going … Continue reading Chiki Chiki Boys: Better than the real thing

Dynamite Deka 2: Soufflé samurai

Sega's arcade/Dreamcast whack 'em up Dynamite Deka 2, also known as Dynamite Cop, also known as the sequel to an earlier arcade/Saturn bop 'em up that cannot be referred to by its once-official international title for expired licensing reasons, is a game determined to be the most everything it can possibly be. To a certain extent … Continue reading Dynamite Deka 2: Soufflé samurai